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Ellen Grove

Facilitation Skills for the Agile Workspace

Facilitation Skills for the Agile Workspace

Course Description

Learn the 21st century’s most valuable business skill – FACILITATION


That’s not a fantasy. That’s our motto.

In this era of teamwork and collaboration, some of us spend half our working days in meetings. We want to make this investment worth our while. Our goal is to banish unproductive jabber fests that waste time, energy and money and, worse, erode our patience and make us want to go and hide.

The secret is facilitation. It shouldn’t be a secret. Anyone can learn to plan and hold a meeting where people make and commit to good decisions. (Well, maybe not anyone; but you certainly can.)

Everyone deserves a well-facilitated meeting that makes the most of the knowledge in the room. So, we (Sue Johnston and Ellen Grove) have combined proven facilitation practices from a variety of sources – both traditional and emerging – in a lively two-day workshop that prepares you to lead and engage in effective group collaboration. We’ll also introduce you to visual facilitation techniques that bring impact and clarity to your meetings and decisions. It’s not just about making good-looking material for you to use, but helping others bring their ideas to life through visual communication.

Who should attend?

While anyone can benefit from learning to be a great facilitator, we’ve designed Facilitation Skills for the Agile Workplace with lean and agile practitioners in mind. Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches, Team Leads, Managers, Executives and anyone who needs to get people talking about their work and their products will find this workshop especially useful. You’ll do well in this program if:

  • You’re serious about excellence.
  • You believe people are capable of communicating effectively, given the right circumstances.
  • You’re willing to step up and be a leader, from wherever you are in the organization.
  • You already understand the Agile mindset, values, principles and foundational concepts.
  • You’re willing to be a beginner. This takes practice. You can’t rush it.

Who is it not for?

  • Someone looking for instruction in agile practices (SCRUM, Kanban, etc.) -

What will I learn?

During our time together, we’ll cover these topics. These are the basics of facilitation within the context of an agile workplace, as outlined in the learning objectives of iCAgile.

  • The facilitator’s stance and mindset
  • The pattern of a facilitation (The Coaching Arc)
  • Facilitating team and agile practices
  • Team dynamics and development
  • Handling disruptions and disagreements
  • Creating visual materials to support effective discussion and decision making
  • And more. We meet the learning objectives of the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) ICP-ATF

What will I take away from this?

  • Confidence – You’ll know you’ve been trained to meet the standards of agile and professional facilitation.
  • Focus – You’ll have a process to guide you and tools to help you plan effective group discussions.
  • Tools – You will have a set of tools to use to help groups gather data, explore and analyze issues, make decisions and follow up.
  • Better meetings – Your life will improve as your meetings become more meaningful. You’ll love your work again.
  • Transferrable business skill – Being able to facilitate collaborative decisions gets you invited to participate in lots of interesting projects. It’s emerging as THE top skill for the 20th century.


IMPORTANT : This class will be presented in a classroom. It will be held in English but an assistant will be able to answer questions and help participants during exercises in French.

Note: As this is an extremely interactive class, we don’t believe an online version of this class would be really practical. It would require major changes to the way the exercices are done. We have thus decided to keep the classroom version, but push it back later in the year. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.